Welcome to Yoga 42, specializing in yoga instruction for elite athletes.

Founder and lead instructor, Steph Armijo (E-RYT 500), specializes in working with professional athletes teaching yoga programs to teams and individuals.

Yoga programs have been designed for in-season and offseason training. In-season training focuses on regulating the nervous system and recovery training. Breathing and meditation techniques are taught as a additional training modality players can incorporate easily on a daily basis. Offseason yoga sessions have been designed to complement more rigorous strength and agility programs.

Yoga 42 was created as on online resource for athletes. This site provides yoga alignment tips/tricks focused on updated biomechanics & nervous system science to optimize all the benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice.

Why yoga for athletes? The season is very long. Players (and team officials) are realizing the benefits of yoga way beyond increased flexibility. Yoga is a tool for active recovery, injury prevention, and increased mindfulness – which translates to better on field performance.